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Will not license, or program fails to open on Vista - Win x64 machines


The Online Lead Finder is a 32 bit application (x86)

So running the software in 64 bit mode will keep it from licensing the software.

The way around this is

Windows Vista uses a technique for running older programs.

Open an Explorer window and navigate to the .EXE file for the program. Then...

Right click on the program file (the .EXE file).

Select Properties from the menu that pops up (#1).

Select the Compatibility Tab in the dialog.

Change the options so the program opens in Windows 95 or 98 compatibility mode. Note the other options in the dialog as you may have to experiment a bit and change some of them as well (#2).

If this doesn't work, then try checking the "Run the program as an administrator" box (#3). This defeats the security in Windows Vista however and should be a last resort.


Unhide folders / files
see link below on how to do this

Run the installer

Make the installation path to "C:\ProgramData

This is a hidden folder in your windows drive

That should do the trick

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